Top 6 DVD Burners for Mac

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Summary: A powerful DVD burner for Mac not only allows you to burn DVD on macOS but also provides you some advanced features to customize DVD. Here are top 6 best DVD burners we found for your reference.

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Want to clone DVD on macOS for backup? Want to make DVD copies to share your favorite DVD movie with your friend? Want to burn video/data to DVD disc to preserve them forever? You come to the right spot. Here we have found some great Mac DVD burning programs for you to make/burn DVD on macOS easily and quickly. You can either use these DVD burners to make 1:1 clone or burn video/data to DVD disc. Some of them contain advanced features for you to customize your own DVD.


1. DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac is one of the best Mac DVD burners for you to copy/clone/burn DVDs as the way you like. It works on not only unprotected DVD movies/videos but also those protected commercial DVD titles (with the protections like RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and more removed). All standard DVD discs/folders/ISO files can be copied with up to 6 copy modes, and in every mode, you can choose to burn the DVD to a blank disc, or copy it to a DVD folder/ISO file to store on your Mac. With the Clone mode, you also can burn a data/bootable DVD to a blank DVD disc.

DVDFab DVD Copy is a powerful DVD burner also lies that it allows you to customize your DVD. You are empowered to choose the titles, chapters, audio tracks and subtitles, you can also decide to create a DVD5 or DVD9 movie. To downgrade DVD9 to DVD5, the video quality will be degraded, but DVDFab DVD Copy can burn DVD9 to DVD5 with minimal quality loss, which kind of loss can only be recognized by video pros.

With the employment to the leading technologies, DVDFab DVD Copy features an extremely fast speed, which makes it stand head and shoulders above other DVD burning software programs.

DVDFab team members dedicate to provide users intuitive and clean interface, so they achieve the outcome that you can start the copy/burning process with only a few mouse clicks. DVDFab DVD Copy is not only an advanced burning tool for advanced users but also a friendly burner for novice users.

Free Download DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac


2. DVDFab DVD Creator for Mac

DVDFab DVD Copy helps you burn DVD to DVD, but if you want to burn video to DVD on macOS, you can use DVDFab DVD Creator for Mac. DVDFab DVD Creator for Mac is an awesome Mac DVD maker/burner to burn all kinds of videos downloaded from video websites or recorded by professional devices to standard studio-level DVD discs that can be played on any DVD player. Actually, it also can convert video in various formats to DVD folder/ISO file that can be stored on your hard drive. One of its salient features is that it allows you to customize your DVD menu by using the built-in template and setting the font, frame, layout, background, etc. in the template.

Same with DVDFab DVD Copy, the interface of DVD Creator is straightforward and clean, which can let novice users learn all its features in a short period. It is also a fast DVD burner. With the multi-threading, multi-core, and the newest hardware acceleration technology, DVD Creator for Mac can create a standard DVD within a few minutes. Despite the fast speed, this DVD burner can output DVD with amazing video quality.

Free Download DVDFab DVD Creator for Mac


3. Burn

Burn is one of your top choices to burn DVD for data, audio, and video on Mac due to its simplicity, powerful feature set and availability at no cost. It is lightweight and can be installed on Mac easily. It has 4 modules for you to create data, audio, video DVD discs and to copy disc. In fact, in addition to support DVD and DVD disc images, Burn is full-featured to handle various discs and images like CD, VCD, SVCD, cue/bin image and more. In the copy module, you can perform a simple copy of a data disc, but you cannot use it to deal with encrypted commercial video DVD disc, for it doesn’t contain a decrypter in it. It is compatible with nearly every version of macOS, even including 10.3.9.

It is a delighted burner for it is free of charge, but it is just because of that this Mac DVD burner lacks instruction and technical support, which makes users feel fussed when encountering some troubles.


4. Express Burn

Express Burn is one of the speediest Mac DVD burners that can burn audio, video or files to CD/DVD/Blu-ray and duplicate homemade DVDs. For video burning, it supports all video formats with a DirectShow based codec, and it also contains template menu screens and buttons for users to create DVD menu. Its copy function is a thing deserved to be mentioned. It features a fast copy/burning speed. It can copy and burn homemade DVD and compress DVD9 to DVD5, but it lacks the ability to decrypt commercial DVD, which means the DVD movies in the market cannot be copied for legally personal use.


5. Disco

Disco is a free, pretty and cool Mac CD/DVD burner which will emit smoke when you burn a CD/DVD. It is cool enough but also comes with some powerful tools and features. With Disco, you can burn your files to single or dual-layer DVDs based on the file systems like Hybrid, HFS+, UDF, PC Joliet, and ISO 9660. It supports for DVD-ReWritable disc burning and erasing. It also has the ability to create ISO and DMG images from files and discs. Its “Discography” option lets you instantly search previously created disc information like the file name, disc name, file path and more. Its disc-spanning feature can detect the files you are burning and divide the big files into multiple discs.

Disco is free, its development and support were discontinued since the July of 2017. And over these years, it may be non-functional on certain machines.


6. Toast Titanium

Toast Titanium is a versatile and full-featured Mac DVD burner that can burn CD/DVD, author DVD, and convert video. It can burn music, data, create DVD movies and copy unprotected DVD discs. When burning video to DVD, it allows you to customize your menus and music with themed templates. It is a burner tool, but it also able to record a screen, edit and convert video. So if you are looking for a burner containing video editing/converting feature, you can consider Toast Titanium. But you also need to take its high price tag into consideration.


We have introduced you 6 best Mac DVD burners for you, with their main features listed. You can make a choice according to your needs. But here we still recommend you DVDFab DVD Copy and DVD Creator, which are powerful in many ways and which are also available for Windows system. They provide a 30-day free trial, so please feel free download and try it.

1. Convert DVDs to AAC, MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, and etc.
2. Support all the popular smartphones, tablets, and etc.
3. Freely customize the output audio & video parameters.
4. Robust editing features like cropping, trimming, and etc.

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