Top 10 Country Rap Songs 2019

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Summary: Here are some of the best country rap songs of 2019, 2018, 2017, and perhaps even before that. Go to check them and find the tool to download them from YouTube.

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Country songs and rap songs are deemed to be polar opposites, but true rap devotees would know that they can be blended together. The country rap song genre is a proper one that has the ability to take the music world by a storm. It’s not one to be missed, so do give some of the samples in this department a try.

Below are some of the best country rap songs of 2019, 2018, 2017, and perhaps even before that. No matter what the year, there’s no doubt that a rap country song is one that could change up your whole mood for the day:


1. “Like A Farmer” by Tracy

Formerly known as Lil Tracy, this rapper plus singer is one who effectively blends together the two genres of country and rap music. While the songs wouldn’t satisfy a hardcore fan of both kinds, it does a really good job of knitting the two together.

This is also probably one of the first tracks that have blurred the lines between country music and rap music. With this example right at the very beginning, you’re bound to convert some of your non-rap or non-country music friends to the other side.

country rap song


2. “Family Don't Matter" by Young Thug ft. Millie Go Lightly

The album this track belongs to is mostly filled with the emotions of infatuation, obsession, and jealousy. All of this was mostly inspired by the rapper’s fiancée. However, “Family Don’t Matter” is a bit different from the rest, mostly due to its soothing essence and a mid-tempo tune that leaves you with a quintessentially dreamy feeling.

The rapper’s voice here is a low, deep one that’s talking about the usual hardships of life. Millie Go Lightly plays the role of the woman who waits at home. It’s a wistful banter that gives one an impression of Young Thug being the star of a country fable, riding on a horse and going in search of both a local kind of love and a mountain of wealth. If that isn't the perfect combination of country music and rap lyrics, we don’t know what is!

country rap song


3. “I Cry” by Stitches

With this song, any doubts in Stitches are effectively quelled. In 2017, many rap artists were recovering from their drug abuse phases, both by their own choice or forced due to serious health issues. Stitches, or Phillip Katsabanis, has recently been added to that list.

This song is inspired by the moment when Stitches’ song went viral at a time when he needed this success the most. Hence, if nothing else, it’s worth a listen for the inspiring background. The thing about most rapping lyrics is that they usually have a story behind them. What country music does is help tell that story. Hence, the mixture of country and rap could be more suitable than we realize.

country rap song


4. “Careful” by Kevin Gates

This song is one from Kevin Gates’ alter egos. His stories speak of a cynic that's been broken by all his battles, but the active wordplay signifies an excited language nerd underneath it all. The track ‘Careful’ is just one example of this, blending no less than three separate Southern accents within the span of just two verses. That’s quite a commendable feat, even for the combo of rap and country.

Of these accents, only one is actually his own. Turn this song on whenever you feel like a listening challenge, and you’ll get guttural tones along with a diabolical dressing down. Plus, there’s likely to be a bit of that country mellowness we all know and somewhat love.

country rap song


5. “Country Folks” by Bubba Sparxxx ft. Colt Ford & Danny Boone

This anthem would forever be known as one that signifies country rap for rap fans around the world. With this track, Bubba Sparxxx has shown us a glimpse of why people call him a legend. It’s on the album “Pain Management,” which is definitely a must-listen for rap lovers in the year 2018.

country rap song


6. “Po' Folks” by Nappy Roots ft. Anthony Hamilton

This is quite a loose definition of a country song, but its heart is in the right place. The lyrics signify a message that speaks of resilience while facing rural poverty. The country aspect is expertly finished off by Anthony Hamilton’s guitar and a casual beat.

country rap song


7. “Ghetto Cowboy” by Mo Thugs Family

Here we have the leading single that the Mo Thugs Family’s most recent album contains. The whole tune is performed by both the old and new members of the band along with a chorus by Felicia, Layzie Bone’s wife.

Perhaps the part which lends a country feel to this track is the harmonica played by Jimmy Z or Jimmy Zavala. Fans may know him from the “Funky Flute” track with Dr. Dre all the way back in the year 1991.

country rap song


8. “This Is the Carter” by Lil Wayne

This track is a classic one that seeks to illustrate what happens when country songs meet rap. As a result, you could be treated to what the producer Mannie Fresh had to offer before parting ways with Lil Wayne.

Here, Lil Wayne is extending the Tha Carter success. There’s an upbeat, banging tune and all the crazy beats you can hope for in the world of rap music. This track is definitely one for the history books, so make sure you download it immediately to find out why.

country rap song


9. “Bed of Lies” by Lil Racecar

This song has some country undertones that mellow it way down. It’s absolutely worth listening to if you’re a fan of both genres! In fact, it might draw interest even if one is only interested in just a specific kind of music. It’s quite an interesting experimental blend that could become a permanent part of your playlist once it grows on you.

country rap song


10. “I'm A Country Singer and My Name Is Ed Vine” by Fredo Santana

In an amusingly unique title, this new country-rap song has a lot to offer if you’re a fan of both country and rap. With such tracks on offer, you’d be sure to never be bored when exploring the world of rap music. There’s always something new happening and something exciting that the casual fan may not be aware of. Prove your loyalty and give this song a shot before this particular rap genre becomes too mainstream.

country rap song



Having some country songs with rap may have seemed like a strange idea before, but it’s definitely a done thing now. There are several huge artists that are trying out their hand at this genre with high degrees of success. If you want to try listening to the new country rap songs, YouTube is really the best place for doing so. Here, you’d have the pick of the latest tracks as well as the ability to view the music videos.

There may be some issues with accessing YouTube and playing the videos each time, however. You never know when you may have a slow internet connection or none at all. For cases like these, the DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader is the best. All you’d have to do is download the rap country song or songs of your choice and listen to them no matter where you are.

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